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Rabbi Haim Ovadia Bio:

Rabbi Haim Ovadia was born and raised in Jerusalem. He was brought up on strong Zionist values and a very rich rabbinic Sephardic tradition which emphasizes the importance of Taknakh, Hebrew poetry, and general sciences alongside the study of Talmud and Halakha, and which promotes a humane, comprehensive, and inclusive approach to Judaism.

Rabbi Haim Ovadia was ordained by Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyhau. He studied Talmud in Bar Ilan University and holds an MA in Hebrew Literature from UCLA. He served as a community rabbi for over thirty years in diverse communities in Israel, South America, and both Coasts. He has been a faculty member at the Academy for Jewish Religion of California, a non-denominational Rabbinical school in Los Angeles, since 2002.

Beyond his work as a community rabbi, he has engaged in social activism to promote inclusion of marginalized groups within the Jewish world, heralding a revival of the Sephardic approach which believes not only in inclusion but in finding practical Halakhic solutions and in empowerment of the people through knowledge. Using modern technology and various platforms, including podcasts, YouTube, and distant learning, Rabbi Haim Ovadia has taught and impacted thousands of people worldwide.

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to prepare and graduate a select group of rabbis. Our emphasis is on the independence of our graduates, which will be achieved by granting them the necessary skills to process information, analyze sources, and reach halakhic decisions without fear. We believe that the Jewish world needs courageous, creative rabbis, who will be able to work with both local global online communities which centralized establishment often neglects or misunderstands. Our graduates will be encouraged to understand the needs and problems of those communities and provide solutions and guidance.

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